Fixing A Broken Air Conditioning Unit

Finding An AC Expert

Finding an emergency HVAC specialist can be quite stressful. You may have never had to look for someone of this sort, so you are not sure what to do. This is why it is important to know which steps to take during this time of great need. Let’s get started.

1) Find local companies that work 24/7 Many companies are becoming more aware of how difficult it can be for people who find themselves in the midst of a heatwave at 1:00 am on a Wednesday night and no one is open because it isn’t considered “regular business hours”.

2) Call the nearest ac repair company immediately and ask if they provide emergency services. In an ideal world you would be able to call ahead of time and prearrange everything with the best AC repair company in your area.

3) Have an emergency plan in place for your pets and animals This is far too often overlooked by pet owners and it can be extremely difficult to remain calm and caring when the temperature rises.


Checking Your AC Unit For Damages

If you see any physical damage to your unit or if your unit is leaking, stop using it and contact a professional.

While inspecting the exterior of your AC, make sure there are no scuffs, cracks, or welts on the outside (e.g., cabinet). If you find such blemishes, don’t use them and call for service immediately.

Take off the front cover and inspect the fan blades, coils, and fins to reveal whether there are major dirt accumulations that should be removed by a professional technician. Cleaning these components can help improve airflow performance through your system. The grille must also be checked to see whether it is warped or not in good condition. Otherwise, replace them immediately before they become a great danger.

On the interior, you need to check for loose louver panels and make sure their screws are tightly set. Look out for any uprooted coils and adjust them back in place before using your AC again. Do not attempt to do this yourself if you lack professional skills and knowledge about fixing up the unit and call a specialist instead.


Reasons Why It Is Better To Hire An AC Professional Than A DIY

Many people will attempt to fix their air conditioning unit at home instead of hiring a professional because they want to save money and think it is simple enough that they can do the repairs themselves. Yet, you should know why it is important to hire an AC professional like Camino Air Conditioning.

Saving You More Money Than You Think

Although most people think fixing an air conditioning unit is fairly easy, most homeowners who try this end up spending more on parts than if they had just taken the time to find out how much it would cost with standard repair fees. Although there are some general components listed below that be replaced when your AC unit breaks, you should know that not all parts will be replaced.

Your AC unit is unique to your house, so even if you have the same standard repair done on every AC unit in the neighborhood, your unit was manufactured differently and has special components attached. This means it will cost more for parts at a home improvement store than if they were ordered from an air conditioning manufacturer’s website or through another professional service.